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Premiere Online Betting Platform

Our Online Betting Service

We provide the best and most efficient online betting services for all your betting needs! Our online betting services include Sportsbook, Online Casino, Horse Racing and Cock Fighting. 

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Why Bet Online With Us?

Building strong relations between our customers and provider, we strive to be the premier online betting agent in Singapore. Lion City Bet also aims to provide people with a safe space to bet online while providing exceptional customer service in the process. 

Lion City Bet Motto


These 3 words have been our motto from the beginning. Also, Lion City Bet knows that you are the most important person in our growth. That is why we always put you first above us.

At Lion City Bet, We’re all about providing a safe platform for our customers to bet safely online. Utilized and trusted by leading sportsbook operator, we processed hundreds of bets a day from our growing platform to ensure all of our customers have a positive experience.

Sounds like a big undertaking, but we’ve been doing it for one satisfied customer after another.

Along the way we’ve come to understand that you are the most important person in our growth and we know that betting online can be a scary experience, that is why we take every measure to make sure that our payouts are fast, reliable and efficient. Lion City Bet was established to ensure that no matter which games you decide to bet on, be it Sportsbook or casino games like online poker, roulette, jackpot… to horse racing and cock fighting, you know that you are in safe hands.

With a safe platform you can trust, all you have to do is to place your bet and win! Newcomers get a special stater pack welcome bonus too upon sign up.You see friend, we know you need to look your best. And (site name) has your back. You just keep making every day a glory day, and we’ll do the rest.